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Jumat, 13 Maret 2009

THE 1st First President of directly voter elections ( part 2 )

Politic Career
He entry in politic live at 27 January 2000. He holds as Mining and Energy minister of Mr. KH Abdurrahman Wahid era. Not so long, SBY must leave his chair as Mining and energy Minister. Because Gus dur ask him to hold “Menkopolsoskam (Coordinator of politic, social, national Guard Minister).

He was retired in an honor as a Menkopolsoskam at 1 Jun 2001. Because he did not following president plan to publish a decrit. But Gus Dur has been force to leave his chair by MPR (senate), than Megawati seat as a president.

10 August 2001 President Megawati gave him his chair again as a Coordinator minister of politic and social.

While his peace advertisement screen on TV, He answered pers question about why he did not included in Cabinet rules, especially about politic and National Guard. Unfortunately Taufik Kemas (President Husband) say that He was kidding. Because he gave a report to the pers not to the president (1/3/2004). He has his lucky. Because all the reporter and pers gave him a good opinion. He was forced by Taufik Kiemas, Mrs. megawati husband.

Than at 9 Marc 2004, He writes a letter to The PresidentMegawati. He asked about his authority and asks to have a time for meeting. Megawati, the president did not answer. Mr. Bambang Kusowo, secretary of cabinet say that SBY impatient to write a letter to president, if only about asking a meeting time.

While his letter had never answered. At 11 Marc 2004 he decides to retired. Than he was develop a party. He holds Democrat party and he offering himself as a President, not a Vice president.

Dwitunggal SBY-JK

His retire process is the effect of he was never employed in the Megawati cabinet. And than he get his popularity. He was lucky because he have more popular than the other. He was only asked as a Vice president before. His popularity make him get more vote . than Democrat Party seat as the fifth position. So SBY had been offering as a President. After two step election SBY-JK beat Megawati-Hasyim about 60% vote for SBY-JK ( Jusuf kala ).

One point that we can study from this man. Actually pers is a good tool for promotion. Pers and Media can build a good impression. So to make a promotion you must built a public opinion than the voters will give their vote automatically. ( by Joe and Adjie )

THE 1st First President of directly voter elections ( part 1 )

This blog content is about SBY profile. He is the sixth president of Indonesia who is very charming. It is right if I put SBY as content. Because this month is Indonesian election time.

The Best Cadet Student

General with four stars is a handsome and smart. He is a son of R Soekotji-Siti Habibah. Like son like his father. Mr. R Soekotji was a soldier also and retired as a First Lieutenant. His mother is a daughter of Tremas Pesantren (Islamic Traditional School in Indonesia). SBY became a well Muslim. But he has a strong blood soldier also.

His muscle body is about 175 cm. SBY was born in Pacitan, East Java at 9 September 1949. He loving to painting, a wayang player , teater, and some time playing guitar in his group band.In other side he loves sport as volley ball, traveling, hiking, jogging, bike, and motor rider.

1970, he is been recruit in Military Academic of Magelang, Centre Java. In his camp SBY always called giraffe. In the year 1973 he finished his study as the best student. He bring a price of Adhi Makasaya.

He continued his study in Airborne and Ranger Course, Fort Banning, Georgia, USA (1976), Infantry Officer Advanced Course of Fort Banning, Georgia, USA (1982-1983), he held honor graduate, Jungle Warfare Training of Panama (1983), Anti Tank Weapon Course, Belgian and German (1984), Course of Battalion Commander Bandung (1985), Seskoad Bandung (1988-1989), Command and General Staff College of Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, AS (1990-1991). He reaches MA from Webster University USA.

Kamis, 12 Maret 2009


Luna Maya. Start her profession as a model. She is 173 cm in height. Her first acting on screen is “30 Hari Mencari Cinta”. She is an icon girls of “” It is a website and very famous. Luna Maya will be a star movie and she is more well-knownAfter casting in Cinta Silver. Her love rumors with Ariel Peter Pan make her name more famous. Because in the same time, ariel Peter pan is an idol of Indonesian young man.
Along her career, Luna has play in about seven movies. Like brownies, Cinta Silver, Ruang, Bangsal 13. Jakarta Undercover, 30 Hari mencari Cinta, and Pesan Dari surga. And she have include in some soap opera like Dan, Kau dan Aku, Ada Cinta, Rahasiaku, Anggun, Cahaya Surga, Sujudku, and “akhir cinta” that screened in Astro TV , a cable net television in here.In
advertisement she is starring of Lux, Zestea, Sarimie, Vitalong C and BuKrim Detergent. She has achieved a good career. She is employee as a runner and brings the Olympic fire in 2008. She also has a boutique, LM. She has counter in Bandung and Jakarta.

She reaches a good career more and more. She appears as a host in Dahsat-RCTI , She is an international model but she can perform as a big mouth in this program. It is really different with her daily character. But by her different character in Dahsat, this music program being favorite in Indonesia. There is a rumors, she is the most expensive actress in Indonesia at this time.

Selasa, 10 Maret 2009


Dude Herlino is an Indonesian Actor. He is 28 years old and at now he is a famous actor in Indonesia. Every soap opera he was played always became a favorite soap opera in here. Example, “Intan” that gave him a price as the most favorite actor of Panasonic award 2007.
The hot news, Dude nowadays has being played in soap opera “Nikita”. Dude was long enough play on screen after he is finishing sinetron Ramadhan Aqsa and Madina some monts ago,

There is an issue that Dude is one of the most expensive actor. Its normally, because he is always do the best quality acting in his screen. Dude is very diligent, professional and have a low profile. Mmmm of course , Everything has a good quality always have an expensive price. If you want a high price…….first up.... Your quality. (by ajie and joe)

Senin, 09 Maret 2009


Ponari is a kid from Jombang, East Java, Indonesia. He is 10 years old, and people know he is a supernatural medicine. He has a magic stone. The stone have a power to make healthy people. I don’t know it is accurate news or not. But there are thousands people stand in a row in front of Ponari house. In order to have the blessing healthy power of Ponari stone. Ponari and his stone to be a very famous people in Indonesia lately.

With the power of his stone Ponari can earning about 50 million IDR per days. This is the collect of donation from his visitors. Ponari, he is to be my first object of my blog site. How Ponari can be a healthy icon brand. How he can make a suggestion to all the people and how people came and waiting in a list to have his treatment.

Although there is not any marketing and not a planning of sales strategy of the little supernatural doctors Ponari. He had be a top brand in Indonesia. The promotion mouth to mouth really being a powerful of his market and sales strategy. But he did not plan it and never imagine. Mouth to mouth is the oldest strategy of sales and marketing in a promotion. It is being more powerful while the entire journalist writes in their news about the controversial of Ponaris power. In the first time. Only people in Jombang know about Ponari power. But when there are some accidents in Ponari house. Some Indonesian news papers make the accidents as a head line. Blew ….. Ponari became a very well knows little super medicine in Indonesia.

You know, controversial is being a trick always. This is a way to make anybody is being well know. Remember about Dewi Persik, Inul Daratista and even do a George W Bush. They are peopling with full controversial. Do you want to use this in your marketing strategy? ( written by Aji and Joe)

Minggu, 08 Maret 2009


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